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How do I Start Being a Landlord in Coventry? 14 September 2021

There are several reasons why you might be considering becoming a landlord in Coventry. Perhaps you"re moving away for work but don"t want to sell your home, or you may have inherited a property from a relative and want to generate a monthly income from it.... Read More

Tier 4 - What it means for the Housing Market 31 December 2020

Moving home and associated activities will still be able to continue following the UK Government announcement yesterday, 23 December, that outlined further areas throughout the UK to enter tier 4 from Boxing Day.

People living in a tier 4 area must not leave or be outside of their home except for where they have a specific purpose or a ‘reasonable excuse".... Read More

No Deal Brexit – The Prediction for Coventry House Prices 28 December 2020

Roll the clock back to April 2020, and major financial economists and property market commenters were sounding the alarm. The very best-case scenario was a 5% drop in property values by the end of the year, and most were in the 10% to 15% range.... Read More

Should I Take my Property Off the Market in December? 11 December 2020

Here at Maverick Homes we often get asked this question. And we can categorically say no, don"t take your house off the market just because it is December!
Now is an ideal time to have your property listed for sale, and you really ought to be instructing a pro-active estate agency just like Maverick Homes to get things moving.... Read More

7 Tips for Staging your Home For Sale 17 November 2020

If you are considering putting your house in Coventry up for sale, but are not sure where to start, there are methods you can follow to help ensure it is fresh and market ready.

Not just for new build show homes, you should consider staging your home, or to put it another way, setting the scene to arouse immediate buyer interest in your property when it comes to market.... Read More

Common Mistakes That Can Reduce the Value of Your Property in Coventry 05 November 2020

Selling your home in Coventry is a huge undertaking, so of course, you want to make the right decisions to achieve the proper resale value for it. Some of the decisions surrounding resale value are more involved than the basic preparation you do when placing your home on the market and of course, these specific decisions can be made months or years before you actually consider selling your home, so you may not even think about it until it"s too late and the value of your home has plummeted.... Read More

Quick Guide to Purchasing A Buy to Let in Coventry 23 October 2020

If you"re considering becoming a landlord, there are many elements to consider and understand before you purchase a property. The process of buying a buy-to-let property differs compared to buying a residential property that you will live in yourself, so it"s good to know what exactly to expect.... Read More

We are ARLA accredited! 30 June 2020

Maverick Homes are so pleased to announce we are members of ARLA Propertymark which means we meet higher industry standards than the law demands. We undertake regular training to ensure they are up to date with best practice and complex legislative changes so we can offer you the best advice.... Read More

CHANGES to all Rental Properties 18 February 2020

It has been announced that the Government has plans to introduce Mandatory Electrical Safety Checks for ALL PRIVATELY RENTED PROPERTY in the UK. Whilst the finer details are to be ironed, so far, we know that from July 1st 2020 all new Tenancies and Renewing Tenancies will need to have a 5 year certificate.... Read More

Exciting News - Advanced Rent Option 18 February 2020

We are absolutely delighted to announce that we are offering our Landlords an Advanced Rent Option where we pay you, the Landlord, an entire year"s rent (less our fee) upfront whilst we collect the rent monthly from your tenant.

Whether you need the upfront cash to pay for a refurbishment or just move some cash onto your next project, this is the perfect option for those wanting to get their cash out now and leave us to worry about the ins and outs of managing your property.... Read More

Additional Licensing - Coventry 15 February 2020

If you are a Landlord in Coventry, you NEED to know this information. The fine is £35k, I"m certain as with all things, claiming blissful ignorance, won"t wash.

So what do you need to know. Okay........ You have a property, check. How many people live in it, more than two?? Listen up.... Read More

Promises, Promises, Promises - What do the Party Manifestos mean for the Property Industry 29 November 2019

Found this excellent article written by Hamilton Fraser outlining each Parties proposed manifesto.


Or read article below

A general election is by definition about more than one issue; voters usually make up their minds on who to vote for based on a host of concerns that affect them.... Read More